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Blog Entry: Day 3 - Runs, Rivers, and Remarkable-FMTY

The dawn of another day in the city of Bangkok brought with it a renewed spirit of adventure. As the morning sun stretched its golden fingers across the skyline, I felt the familiar thrill of lacing up my running shoes and taking to the streets. There's a certain serenity in observing a city wake up, a rhythm and cadence all its own.

After a refreshing run, our plan was to immerse ourselves in the unique experience of the Wat Sai Floating Markets. However, life sometimes has its own plans, and upon our arrival, we discovered the markets were closed for the day. Though initially disappointed, we decided to make the most of our surroundings. Even without the vibrant bustle of the floating markets, the atmosphere was electric. The rich tapestry of smells - from sizzling street food to the heady aroma of fresh fruit - beckoned. Among these myriad sensations, a local vendor brewing traditional Thai coffee caught our attention. Its rich, aromatic brew, generously ladled with sugar, was a delight to the senses.

As the afternoon light began to dim, we decided to pick up the tailored outfits my lover had thoughtfully chosen for me before our dinner. The craftsmanship was exquisite, each piece a testament to Bangkok's unparalleled tailoring skills and the affectionate gesture of my partner.

Dinner was at KHAO in Ekkamai. The minimalist yet elegant interiors of the restaurant complemented the richness of the dishes they served. The highlight was the "Gang Nuea Phrik Khi Nu Suan - Beef Curry with Fragrant Chilies." Its flavors, combined with the intense curry and tender beef, were nothing short of culinary perfection. And just when we thought our meal had peaked, it was rounded off with the comforting sweetness of mango sticky rice, a personal favorite.

As the night deepened and Bangkok's city lights began to twinkle, we ventured out for one last escapade. The city's nocturnal charm enveloped us, its streets whispering tales of yesteryears. A late-night walk turned into a spontaneous dance beneath the shimmering street lamps, and a quiet corner cafe serenaded us with the soft strumming of a guitar. The evening culminated atop our secluded balcony overlooking the river. It was an impromptu end-of-night bliss, a perfect close to our day in Bangkok.

With bags packed and hearts full, we geared up for our departure to the pristine shores of Koh Samui the next day. What adventures await in this island paradise?


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