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Day 2 - Revitalisation, Reflection, and Remarkable Cuisine

The second day of our Bangkok adventure began with the first rays of the sun peeking through the curtains of our room at the Mandarin Oriental, painting a beautiful canvas on the backdrop of the Chao Phraya River. The seductive allure of the bed was almost impossible to resist, but the promise of another day of exploration was even more enticing.

My day kicked off with a bountiful breakfast spread at the hotel. From traditional Thai delicacies like sticky rice with mango, to international favourites such as smoked salmon bagels and a variety of fresh pastries, the selection was incredible. All of this was washed down with a refreshing coconut, giving a much-needed tropical twist to the morning.

Feeling energised, I decided to hit the hotel's state-of-the-art gym, which was located across the river. I tried to run but the heat exhausted me however, a mere 5k's and I was ready to meet my lover. After the workout, we found ourselves lounging by the hotel's pool and my partner captured the experience with his photography skills and surprisingly, they were quite good. As the city buzzed around me, the quiet rhythm of the water mirroring the sky above, I found myself in a moment of deep introspection. There, under the Bangkok sun and in the heart of a city that had stolen my heart years ago, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the life I was living.

For dinner, we decided to indulge ourselves at Paste, one of Bangkok's prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants. Known for their innovative take on traditional Thai recipes, our culinary journey began with a plate of perfectly seared scallops, delicately flavoured and meltingly tender. For the main course, we indulged in a succulent roast duck curry and blackened salmon alongside jasmine rice. Each dish was a symphony of flavours, the ingredients working in harmony to create a sublime dining experience. To end this exceptional meal, we indulged in sticky rice for dessert, a fitting end to an evening of culinary adventure.

As the day ended, we found ourselves back at the Mandarin Oriental, hearts full and spirits content. Day 2 had been a whirlwind of physical and emotional nourishment. The satisfaction of a good workout, the calm reflection by the pool, and the incredible culinary journey at Paste, all combined to make it a truly memorable day.

Faithfully yours,

Audrey xo


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