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For those who know me, I do come pride myself as a switch with a fierce love for domination and I am a domination escort in London. As an independent domination escort in London, I pride myself on the fact that you will give up control of your pleasure to a gorgeous, woman who may or may not use you for your own pleasure. This becomes a journey of self-discovery, re-discovery, and truth- you will find that every physical sensation has a mental and spiritual reverberation: blindfolds grant sight, ropes bestow freedom, and no satisfaction is as deep as a total denial. But this is not a journey you can make on your own, you will need a partner. Someone who resonates with you, someone who can lead you through the labyrinth of your fears and fascinations. So, what could be better than abandoning all control to someone who knows exactly how to push your buttons? The frisson between pleasure and pain is one that must be experienced to be believed, and we will be all too happy to take you in hand.

My Perferred Services:

Bondage, Impact Play, Power Games, Pet Play, Trampling, Pegging, Worship (of all forms), Face Sitiing/Smothering, Breathplay, CBT, Dungeon Sessions, Domestic Service, Slave Training/Obedience Training, Roleplay, Fetish Play, Psychological Domination, Exhibitionism/public domination/swingers clubs/BDSM parties, Financial Domination, Group domination/vanilla audience, CFNM, Sissification/gender play

Our busy lives don’t allow much in terms of abandon, so do abandon yourself to me.

Please contact me for more.


Audrey xo


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