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The one about our first meet

Allow me to indulge you with a tale, dear friend. As Faust once said, "The eternal feminine draws us upward." Indeed, it is this allure of the feminine mystique that my clients seek in my companionship. And as Faust is correct - I do draw many of my clients up or in whatever their heart desires. Kinkiness is fun, yes? Well, my lovers yearn for good times shared with someone who is also enjoying themselves. Wholly enjoying themselves. However, all too often, they only think about the sexual encounter, missing out on what makes these moments truly special. They forget that it the date is much more than the physical element. It is a dance, back and forwards and can be a truly rewarding moment.

To elaborate, while good sex is undoubtedly essential, it is not enough to make an encounter truly extraordinary. Yet, the people with whom I have strong relationships understand this and treat our time together as something truly special. This increases our wonderful moment togethr and I require the magic of our meeting to genuinely excite me. As a companion and a part time student, I relish the opportunity to escape reality and indulge my hedonistic impulses. Audrey is my dream persona, and I delight in dressing up as her and yet, while great chemistry is always a bonus, it is something spectacular or out of the ordinary that truly ignites our passion. As Faust himself learned, it is only through embracing the infinite possibilities of life that we can truly discover our desires. Think of our encounter as a story that we both get to act out. Think how Fuast himself describes our encounter as infinite possibilities to be or to not be. To divulge our inner fantasies and to become more. Consider everything else besides acting that makes theatre so enchanting. A stunning backdrop, fitting props, costumes, music, and lighting can all transport us to another world entirely. Glamour, beauty, and an air of abandon all have a powerful effect. When these details are well taken care of, my interest and enthusiasm in sexual activity increases significantly. So, do not overlook the importance of these aspects of our time together. For as Faust once said, "The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it." So want me, and want our time together - if a lover treats me as a checklist then my willingness to invest in the experience with you decreases. Then the moment becomes disenchanted for as Faust so aptly noted, "What you possess in wealth, give back to the world."So my favourite lovers, you know who you are, they are thoroughly taken care of due to their excellent company and also pay close attention to all aspects of eroticism. Through their investment, they elevate our encounter beyond the ordinary and into the realm of the extraordinary.

So, please let me bring you into the realm of the extraordinary.


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