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Booking Terms

  • I value my safety, and as an experienced companion, I guarantee full discretion. All bookings must be secured by a minimum of 20% deposit. This is to secure my travel costs and ensure my safety. All transfers are made into my neutrally named business account to ensure your discretion. The deposit must be transferred:

    • from your personal or business account (must be in your name and owned by you).

    • from your crypto wallet (BTC only) (additional screening in the form of photo ID must be provided)

    • from your PayPal account (for deposits of less than £150 only)

  • I expect the remaining amount to be paid in cash on arrival. Please use an open envelope when we meet in public (for example, for a dinner date).

  • I will ask you to show me your ID at the beginning of our date. It must match the details of the bank account from which you transferred a deposit.

  • Please note that the booking fee paid on arrival is non-refundable. Booking can be terminated by any party at any time. Abusive behaviour, lack of hygiene, drugs, excessive intoxication, crossing clearly stated boundaries, and disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated. If you decide to leave our date earlier than expected or if the date will be terminated due to your behaviour, the fee won't be returned.

Cancellation Terms

In the unlikely event of cancellation from my side, I will promptly offer an alternative date for our meeting. If it won't be suitable for you I will refund the full deposit fee.

  • The deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances due to the time I already spent arranging our meeting.

  • If you cancel less than 24h in advance, you will be expected to transfer the full fee.

  • The deposit is lost if you cancel less than 48h in advance.

  • If you cancel more than 48h before, I will happily agree to reschedule our meeting (within a month from the original date) and use the deposit towards our next date.

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